Jun 30, 2015
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Dan Kilian

Dan Kilian writes songs, essays, fictions and lies in Sunnyside New York. He is the creative director for The Consumers*, a musical act, and the lead singer of Dan Kilian and The Million Man Band. He is the host of A Couple Nights A Week, an online interview program, and the Editor and a contributor to Klog, a literary blog.
Teach Me to Read  |  

Running Amok

Now a prisoner of war is coming home, and because a deal was cut, and because it was cut by Obama, pundits are vilifying a U.S. soldier who lost five years of his life.

it ain't
Observation  |  

It Ain’t Over…

According to Thomas Friedman, we’ve lost our privacy, everything is global, everyone’s got to develop new skills, and we’re all doomed.

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The Great American Rip-Off

“Income inequality” sounds like a bunch of tin dimes being dropped in a bucket. That’s what it feels like, too, when the poor get paid.

net 1
Teach Me to Read  |  

It’s All in a Name

Sometime we name things so poorly that we forget what to do with them and get screwed for it.

quabba 2
Teach Me to Read  |  

Where the Qubba Meets The Road

John Kerry used the word “apartheid” and all hopes for peace in the Middle East were dashed.

Nevada Rancher And Federal Gov't Face Off Over Land Use Battle
Teach Me to Read  |  

Insanity Envy

The fact that their new folk hero is a flagrant racist is not directly related to the bellicosity being rewarded, though, come on, FOX, vet the nuttiness of your nut job.

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The Stain of Murder

They’re going to kill that guy.

Teach Me to Read  |  

Freak It Forward

We’re cooking the planet, and we’ve got to do something about it.

distracted dog
Teach Me to Read  |  

Getting Our Perspective In Perspective

By determining what will affect us and then what we can affect, we can determine what to focus on in a distracting world.

Teach Me to Read  |  

The Earnestness of Being Important

Commercials should be about sex, wit, or low, low prices. They shouldn’t tell me their philosophy about dreams.

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The Democrats, concerned with not being perceived as too liberal, won’t advocate for “income equality” because that would be communist.

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Politics is a continuation of foreign policy by other means. At least, these days it is.