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Dan Kilian

Dan Kilian writes songs, essays, fictions and lies in Sunnyside New York. He is the creative director for The Consumers*, a musical act, and the lead singer of Dan Kilian and The Million Man Band. He is the host of A Couple Nights A Week, an online interview program, and the Editor and a contributor to Klog, a literary blog.
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The Stain of Murder

They’re going to kill that guy.

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Freak It Forward

We’re cooking the planet, and we’ve got to do something about it.

distracted dog
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Getting Our Perspective In Perspective

By determining what will affect us and then what we can affect, we can determine what to focus on in a distracting world.

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The Earnestness of Being Important

Commercials should be about sex, wit, or low, low prices. They shouldn’t tell me their philosophy about dreams.

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The Democrats, concerned with not being perceived as too liberal, won’t advocate for “income equality” because that would be communist.

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Politics is a continuation of foreign policy by other means. At least, these days it is.

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Writing, like all art, needs to confuse us.

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Beating Paul Auster to Death

It’s the book that’s an allegory about the nature of art where the main character commits suicide in the end. Also, it doesn’t have any quotation marks. People talk, but no marks.

bad words
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Bad Words

When [Super Bowl winner] Richard Sherman says “thug” is “the accepted way of calling somebody the N word nowadays,” does that seem simultaneously accurate and frightening?

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A Single Shade of Grey

I’d like to think I can resist my inner critic, but there’s no way I’d be able to resist calling her out for spelling grey wrong.

Change the Narrative
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Change the Narrative

It’s time to move from narrative to story.

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9 NEW New Years Facts You Never Knew

The 365-day year is a recent innovation, started by FDR during the Great Depression to stimulate spending.