Aug 26, 2016
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All About the Book  |  

Patrick Jones on his IRDA Winning “Hector’s Heroic Day”

The story about a boy whose admiration for all kinds of heroes leads him on an adventure to become one.

IR Book Review  |  

Trials and triumphs of historic Alexandria in: PEPPERY WINDS

By Lorenz Waldmann

Rating:  star star star star star 

PEPPERY WINDS is an adventurous epic novel set in the first century AD, opening with the drama of terrifying and murderous anti-Semitic riots in Alexandria, where Jews and Greeks had lived in peace for generations.

IR Book Review  |  

A memoir combined with a self-help book on impotence in: EVERYTHING YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW

By Rick and Brenda Redner

Rating:  star star star star star 

Rick and Brenda Redner reveal their personal problems and how they arrived at important decisions to help anyone suffering from similar physical issues.

the sweet
Book Trailer  |  

Book Trailer: The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist

The trailer is voiced by award-winning actor Jim Dale, who is also known as the voice behind Harry Potter.

IR Book Review  |  

Angels and madmen in: ANGELBOY VOL. 2

By N.M. Beguesse

Rating:  star star star star star 

A young angel with heroic powers finds himself in the middle of a dangerous feud between childhood friends in this fast-paced graphic novel.

IR Book Review  |  

Dark, family secrets are uncovered in: THE CARSWELL COVENANT

By Steve Fisher

Rating:  star star star star star 

Two brothers nearly lose their lives uncovering their grandfather’s secret; a secret that could have long-lasting effects on both the religious world and the already strained relationship between the Jews and the Arabs.

Best Seller List  |  

ARKANE Thriller Box-Set 1- 3

Set 1- 3: Stone of Fire, Crypt of Bone, Ark of Blood

the billionaire's
Best Seller List  |  

The Billionaire’s Challenging Beauty

Bold, Alaskan Men (Book 2)

Best Seller List  |  

Arcana Rising

Losses mount and deadly new threats converge in the next action-packed tale of the Arcana Chronicles.

midnight soul
Best Seller List  |  

Midnight Soul

The Fantasyland Series (Volume 5)

the consequences
Best Seller List  |  

The Consequences Series Box Set

FIRST TIME EVER – All FIVE Consequences novels together in one set!

a beautiful
Best Seller List  |  

A Beautiful Funeral

Maddox Brothers (Volume 5)

every beat
Best Seller List  |  

Every Beat of My Heart

The Sullivans (Wedding Novella)

IR Book Review  |  

The battle is set against demons, a demon hunters and humanity in: RAVEN’S PEAK

By Lincoln Cole

Rating:  star star star star star 

A hell of a series start finds a demon hunter searching for a way of rescuing her adoptive father from the grips of a demon and solving the mystery of Raven’s Peak.

IR Book Review  |  

A saga featuring characters of mythological proportion in: WARRIOR OF THE WAY

By nathan Chandler

Rating:  star star star star star 

Nathan Chandler’s WARRIOR OF THE WAY is an ambitious undertaking that is reminiscent of another monumental tale with a deep backstory – Game of Thrones.

IR Book Review  |  


By Ulysses Rubin Lüersen

Rating:  star star star star star 

Biff Christen is a smart-talking juvenile delinquent in a world where delinquency, and for that matter most other things, is not tolerated.

IR Book Review  |  

Good versus evil in a land of squirrels in: A DEWDROP AWAY

By C.A. Allen

Rating:  star star star star star 

A charming adventure, A DEWDROP AWAY translates the struggle of good versus evil into the squirrel land of Arborland and follows three key protagonists as they discover the truth about their land.

IR Book Review  |  

A feast of ponderings and observations in: THE MAGIC TABLE

By Americo Petrocelli, PhD, VSC

Rating:  star star star star star 

An older man, living in a retirement home, muses on life, old age, his friends, and his memories in prose and poetry.

IR Book Review  |  

Practical solutions to technical problems in: IT AIN’T ROCKET SCIENCE

By Susan C. Cooper

Rating:  star star star star star 

A no-nonsense approach to solving IT problems turns out to be easier than anyone in the business sector could possibly imagine.

IR Book Review  |  

Failed love affairs and self discovery in: COVERED PACES

By Luigi A. Juarez

Rating:  star star star star star 

Tired of unfaithful lovers, a woman moves from Los Angeles back to her hometown of Miami, Florida, only to discover that true love starts with oneself in this moving story.

Best Seller List  |  


The Beckett Boys, Book One

Best Seller List  |  

Cockpit: A Second Chance Romance

She’s the one who got away. But I live for the chase…

the mechanic
Best Seller List  |  

The Mechanic

We go together like champagne and whiskey. Now we’re married!

Best Seller List  |  


My obsession was born of innocence and good intentions, and it began the day I spotted a handwritten journal lying in the bushes outside a townhouse on Lexington Avenue.