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About IndieReader

IndieReader was launched in 2009 with a simple but lofty goal: to be the essential consumer guide for self published books and the people who write them.

That meant sorting through the tremendous volume—there were 391,000 self published in ’12, an increase of 59% from the year before—reviewing them and then featuring those reviews where book-lovers could find them.

And they have.  From erotica (Fifty Shades of Grey) to Romance (titles by Bella Andre and HM Ward) to Science Fiction (The Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey) to Mystery (Darcie Chan’s Mill River Recluse)—IndieReader has introduced those titles and authors—and more—to readers worldwide.

You put a lot of thought into your book.  We put a lot of thought into your review.

After 5 ½ years of offering the most cost effective reviews anywhere, IndieReader is raising its book review prices*. The good news is that an IndieReader book review is still—by far—the best value in the market.

IndieReader’s team of professional reviewers boasts a range of background and experience and includes journalists, teachers and librarians, as well as published writers. Whether your book is a vampire love story, a sci-fi action adventure or a memoir, we make every effort to match your book’s genre to the interest of our reviewer.

* Fee for a basic review (7-9 week turnaround) is $225; a rush review (4-6 week turnaround) is an additional $75

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Submission Guidelines

Books should be in their final iteration and will be reviewed as such (no ARCs). Books must also be self-published. (IR defines a self-published book as one whose author has paid to have it published).

Reviews will be at least 300 words and will receive a rating from zero to five stars.  Please note that IR does not guarantee a positive review. You will be notified when your review is completed and posted.

Reviews will be posted to IndieReader.  It is up to the author to decide whether or not they want to post the review to the Editorial Reviews on their Amazon pages.  A positive review from IndieReader could also mean further exposure via IR’s publishing partners, USA Today and The Huffington Post.

When submitting a book for review, please provide the following (you’ll be prompted to submit this info after payment):

1. Author
2. Title
3. Genre
4. Format you’ll be sending: eBook or hardcopy

Please send paper copies to: IndieReader, PO Box 43121, Montclair, NJ 07043

Ebooks should be submitted in a format readable by a Kindle (.prc/.azw/.mobi) or an iPad/Sony/Nook/ Kobo (epub).  Or you can gift a book via Amazon or B&N.  Ebooks can be sent to

Only one review will be issued for multiple entries without prior agreement.

All reviewed books may be used in IR Curation pages. For curation terms, please click here.

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We’ll post your book–along with two lines of text (reviews and/or ratings)– in a prime spot on IR’s Home page under “Latest Reviews”, along with a direct buy link to your chosen sales site.

This is a great way to announce an eBook give-away (and perfect for author’s signed up with Amazon’s KDP program who want to capitalize on their free days!).

Bottom line is that eBook promo days are becoming a strong tool to market your book. Being an IR Daily Sponsor on those days is a key component to complement your effort.

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Weekly/Monthly Opps

* Banners (710 wide x 70 tall) = $200/week or $750/month
* Sidebar ad (225 x 300) = $175/week or $650/month

Please submit you ad to Include a link and a RGB image in either .jpg or .gif format, saved at 72 dpi. Please also note that our maximum size is 50 kb.

If you’d like us to create an ad for you, we’d be happy to do so for an additional fee of $50.

If you are interested in an advertising opp with IndieReader, please email me at for questions and availability.