Publishing Services

IndieReader, the essential guide to self-published books and the people who write them, is now offering a full range of publishing services.

Utilizing a team of professionals–from editors and cover designers to printers and publicists–IndieReader’s publishing services assist authors who want to retain control of their work and independently publish in the smartest, most creative and cost-effective way possible.

IndieReader’s publishing service will essentially walk you through every detail that a vanity press handles.  The differences?  CONTROL, COST, CUSTOMER SERVICE and PRESTIGE.

With IRPS, authors will be able to make—and discuss—the decisions that will affect the final look and cost of their books.

Our standard publishing services will take your work from a fully edited and proof-read manuscript to published paper or ebook and onto promotional services, including social media and PR.

Standard Publishing Services:

  • Consultation
  • Obtain ISBN
  • Secure Bar Code
  • Printer selection
  • Ebook formatting
  • Interior design/typesetting
  • Front and Back Cover Design
  • book review
  • Inclusion on the IR site with link to online sales venue(s)
  • Bound proof copy of the book for verification prior to first printing
  • Registration with Bowkers Books in Print and Library of Congress
  • Inclusion in IndieReader Selects (our distribution program to independent bookstores)
  • Distribution via Amazon, B&N and other online bookstores


Standard Publishing Services for an ebook:

  • Consultation
  • Ebook formatting (for a relatively clean file, which includes linked table of contents and embedded cover image), includes:

* Kindle/MOBI/PRC

* EPUB for Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble PubIt!, and Kobo

* SmashWords with linked table of contents

NOTE: In addition, we can create several more obscure formats, such as LIT, LRF, and PDB.

  • Front Cover Design*
  • book review
  • Inclusion on the IR site with link to online sales venue(s)
  • Registration with Bowkers Books in Print and Library of Congress

* Based on 6 hours work.  Add’l hours will be billed at $75/per.

Ebook add-ons:

  • Usable “clean” document extraction from a PDF
  • Table of contents with more than 30 links
  • Footnotes converted to endnotes and reciprocally linked
  • Images
  • Rush charge
  • Indices will be removed. Every device has a search feature, which makes an index unnecessary
  • For edits that are not formatting errors, and to insert additional materials

IR Editing Services

IR Publishing Services employs a staff of highly experienced editors, many of whom have worked at major publishing houses.

A complete editing process is generally comprised of four steps: the critique, the line-edit, the second line-edit, the copy edit (also referred to as proofreading).

An author may hire an IR editor to work on any of the steps outlined below.

1) The Critique

The critique is generally a collaborative effort between our editor and the author and includes the following:

- Editor reads for basic sense and coherence, consistency, dialogue, pacing and descriptive passages
- After reading editor will write a six- to ten-page analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, with specific examples and suggestions as to what you can do to improve it.
- Editor will return the hard copy containing notes throughout.

Fee: TBD, based on manuscript length

2) First Line-Edit

A comprehensive sentence-by-sentence edit which includes reading through the entire manuscript, smoothing out awkwardly worded sentences, querying the author if something isn’t clear, looking out for factual inconsistencies, query odd-sounding dialogue and checking for anything that strikes the editor as “off.”

3) Second Line-Edit

Editor incorporates feed-back from author to produce final manuscript.

4) Copy Editing/Proofreading

Includes correcting typos, spelling and punctuation errors, and obvious grammatical errors (defined as editing for grammar, and punctuation and formatting errors only).

Manuscripts must be given to IR in their final form; additional pages given after editing has started will incur an adjustment to the original fee quoted.

Fees include editing of front matter text (if it is not included in the manuscript) and back cover text and a one-on-one “meeting” with the author to review edits.

Additional services for paper and ebooks, billed on a per project basis:

  • Full edit/ghostwriting services
  • In-depth marketing and publicity services

Contact Amy at for further info.