IR’s Best Reviewed Books of November


The self-published books earning our top reviews and four to five stars for the month of November are depicted here.  There’s a lot to choose from so go ahead and treat yourself.  ‘Tis the season to be merry, and great books make great gifts.


Still Alice is an independent film coming soon to a theater near you, and the buzz is Julianne Moore might win her first Academy Award for her starring role as an Ivy League linguistics professor dealing with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.  Still Alice wowed audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival and Sony Classic Pictures scooped up the rights to the drama.

What IndieReaders and IndieAuthors might find awe-inspiring is that this Oscar contender is based on a self-published novel.  Let me repeat, self-published.

In 2007, after being rejected by dozens of agents and publishers, Lisa Genova published her novel herself and sold copies out of the trunk of her car until Simon & Schuster acquired it.  In 2009, Still Alice was ranked number five on The New York Times trade paperback fiction best-seller list.  Several cable channels pursued and pressured her to say yes, claiming they were her only option.  “You have a drama starring a 50-year-old woman without a triumphant ending, so this is the best you’re doing to do.”

Wrong!  British producers Lex Lutzus and James Brown bought the film rights after reading the novel.  Their friends Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer agreed to adapt and direct.  Julianne Moore leapt at the chance to star in this film.  And the rest, as they say, is herstory.

You’re probably not too surprised that here at IndieReader, we relish these success stories.  What may surprise you, however, is that Still Alice is one of two books that inspired Amy Edelman to found IndieReader.  If this indie is so great, she reasoned, there must be others! Does Amy have great taste, or what?


IndieReader is all about you.  In order to serve you better, we invite you to take a very short survey.  Here’s your chance to let us know what you want.  Three minutes is all it takes, and you could win a $50 Amazon gift card.


Kobo believes people should be able to read books on any device.  In pursuit of that goal, Kobo partnered up with E Ink Holdings to offer wider access to the Kobo e-book catalog across more E Ink reading devices. E Ink Holdings, the world’s largest supplier of displays in the e-reader market, will now offer its hardware partners the option to adopt Kobo’s reader application.  By exercising that choice, E Ink’s hardware partners can give their customers immediate access to Kobo’s digital library of four million e-books.  This partnership will enable more people to read on any device they choose.


Play Collected and Digital Book World asked parents what they planned on gifting their children this holiday season. Forty-five percent of parents surveyed said they were buying e-readers for their children.  Naturally you need something to read on that brand new e-reader, so 75 percent of parents surveyed plan to buy their children new e-books. This infographic highlights the findings of the survey and the growing popularity of digital gifts.


If you want to save the environment and go green this holiday season, consider building a Christmas tree with your books.  This video demonstrates how you can easily transform those random piles of books on the floor into a flickering thing of beauty.  The evergreen forest will thank you.


For the past three years, The Millions, an online magazine dedicated to books, art and culture, has published a holiday gift list for writers. This year, they decided it was time to compose a list of top gifts for readers.  Giving your loved one time to read sounds like a wonderful gift.


IndieReader’s “The List Where Indies Count” began May 2, 2011 because there was no other list that tracked self-published books.

Here’s this week’s IndieReader top ten list as of December 1, 2014.  Five titles are newcomers.

Titles are compiled on Sunday for Monday’s post, culled from The New York Times, USA Today and Amazon best-seller lists.

Happy Indie reading!


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