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5 Top Smart, Strong, Responsible, Relatable (Indie) Female Characters

Unfortunately, the traditional literary world has always been a male-dominated space, leaving readers with disappointing female characters that often lack any depth. Even stories that feature a strong woman can be guilty of featuring a bland, shallow woman (such as the femme fatale trope.)

Thankfully, there are good books that feature responsible, relatable women in starring roles. So close the book on wimpy, stereotypical female characters and indulge in these smart, strong women protagonists!

acadia's “Acadia’s Law” by Tracy Ellen

(5/5 stars, Amazon)

Acadia King may be a widow mourning her husband’s death from two years ago, but she’s certainly not weak of heart! After an epidemic breaks out and turns the general population into ferocious murderers, Acadia must manage to keep herself and her friends alive–while juggling a budding romance on the side.

How does she even find the time?


campbell“Campbell” by C.S. Starr

(4.5/5 stars, Amazon)

We’ve got two badass ladies–Lucy Campbell and Tal Baumann– in this dystopian YA novel. What sets these two above others are their diplomatic and tactical understanding. Both leaders of rival factions competing for land, these calculating young women must work together to protect their respective factions and rebuild the world. Smart and no-nonsense, they know how to lead and make the tough decisions, whether readers agree with all their actions or not.


blood mage “Blood Mage” by K.R. Yaddof

(4/5 stars, Amazon)

Alexis Richmond is no stranger of the spotlight, being the president’s daughter–or was the president’s daughter, before the United States was nuked into oblivion. But when attacked, a mysterious power awakens in her, and Alexis learns she’s from a lineage of powerful mages. But with magic comes responsibility, and Alexis rises to the challenge in an attempt to take down an Illuminati-esque group bent on taking over the world. She’s definitely brave!


 pentecost big“Pentecost” by J.F. Penn

(4/5 stars, Amazon)

Morgan Sierra is a very smart and tough cookie. An Oxford University psychologist, Morgan is obviously well-learned and independent. But thrown into a 2,000-year-old mystery, she keeps her wits about her in learning a secret history of the church–a mystery that now threatens the fate of the world! She was also a conscript in the Israeli Army, no stranger to danger.


zeus“Zeus, Inc.” by Robin Burks

(4/5 stars, Amazon)

Police-officer-turned-private-eye Alex Grosjean is a down-to-earth and relatable protagonist, but that doesn’t mean we can all put ourselves in her shoes. Investigating the disappearance of her best friend’s father, Alex is tasked with going up against the gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology! Not only does that take a lot of courage–especially after the distress caused by a life on the police force–but Alex is totally ready do a solid for her best friend.

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