5 Genre Novels Whose Authors Did the Cover Design Thing Very Right.

A visually striking cover is what draws readers in, especially one that fits the tone, theme and experience of the novel written in its pages. Here are five self-published novels whose authors did the cover design thing very right.

novumNovum, Book 1: Crucible by Moira Katson

This stark cover sets the perfect mood for a tale about a tribe of humanity on a forgotten planet who are bred to fight a force called the Great Evil.

When the League of Human Nations discovers this experiment, he launches an attack on the colony to destroy it and in the rubble, find a lone survivor.

Now they must contend with a race of super soldiers who believe in the power of angels.


the devils grinThe Devil’s Grin (Kronberg Crimes 1) by Annelie Wendeberg

The silhouetted Sherlock and Big Ben are stunning against a fiery background with an antique parchment texture.

And it suits the first installment of Wendeberg’s series – about a female bacteriologist masquerading as a man in Victorian London and trying her best – with Sherlock Holmes’ help – to solve a crime of abduction and medical maltreatment.



visionsVisions (Secret Watchers 1) by Lauren Lynn

Eerie, ominous, mystifying – this describes both Klever’s cover and the first installment of her Secret Watchers series.

The novel follows teenager Owen, who discovers his powerful and disturbing ability to sense evil and is plunged into an unknown world where good and evil are in constant battle.



obitchObitchuary by Stephanie Hayes

The cover to Stephanie Hayes’ humorous mystery yarn is understated, clean and whimsical.

The novel underneath the covers is about a journalist, who, while still in a hideous bridesmaids dress, kills her date in self-defense. In the aftermath, the dead man’s life becomes more and more mysterious. Oh, and she writes obituaries for the newspaper.


the seedThe Seed and Other Fairy Tales by Joseph Hillenbrand

The Seed is a collection of fairy tales for adults and Hillenbrand’s striking cover makes that plain.

Each tale follows a character trying to find his or her identity – from a little girl with a special imaginary friend, a woman who hates wishes, a man lost among frog people, a girl warring with her god and two soliders on a mission.