Dec 06, 2016
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By Katy Evans

IR Rating



IR Rating

IR Verdict: A fiercely erotic and passionate novel that will appeal to romance fans, especially those who like the dominant, macho, and aggressive sort of hero.

Best Seller List, Book Reviews, eBooks, Fiction, New Adult, Romance  •  Apr 14, 2013


Brooke Dumas is a former sprinter, an Olympian contender until she tore her ACL-twice. She has since gone into sports rehab, hoping to help other injured athletes. But her life changes when her bubbly, flirtatious friend, Melanie, drags her to see Remington “Riptide” Tate, a gorgeous, sexy fighter who has women screaming for him everywhere he goes.

At the fight, Remington seems to focus on Brooke, and even chases her down afterwards to say hello. She, meanwhile, finds herself obsessively dwelling on him, and when he offers her a job as his therapist, can’t resist accepting. The relationship between them gets hot and passionate very quickly, but his manic-depressive episodes and inexplicable behavior threaten both their new-found bliss and his fighting career.

Things really get scary when Brooke finds her beloved sister, Nora, under the thumb of Remy’s worst enemy, the dangerous and seriously nasty Scorpion. Can Brooke do what she needs to do to save Nora without triggering Remy’s issues? Can they build a relationship together that preserves his fragile balance?

This is a seriously intense book, full of adrenaline and heat. The emotional volume is cranked up to 11 from the beginning, and there are few respites. The sex scenes – and even the not-quite-sex scenes – are vigorously erotic, if slightly less realistic than the average porn film (which, after all, has to use real human actors with real human limitations). Remy’s vulnerability and great physical strength are an appealing combination, despite his potential for violence.

The relationship, however, develops a bit suddenly, and just as quickly goes into absolute overdrive. The intensity that is the book’s strongest attribute is also its biggest weakness, leaving the reader slightly jaded and unable to keep up the pace. Remy’s violent temper, manic-depressive episodes, and possessiveness issues may, additionally, turn off or even frighten some readers, particularly those who have experienced abusive relationships (the hero is not abusive, mind you, but shows some signs common to those who are).

This is a fiercely erotic and passionate novel that will appeal to romance fans, especially those who like the dominant, macho, and aggressive sort of hero.

Reviewed by Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader


*Mature New Adult/Adult novel – contains adult situations, high sexuality, some violence, and is suited for ages 18 and up*

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