How to Earn Your Keep

By Deahn Berrini

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Book Reviews, eBooks, Fiction, Gay, Literary Fiction  •  Apr 02, 2013

Kit Lavoie, smart, pretty, but with bad taste in men, works hard for the money from the shady attorney employing her. Her brother, sweet-but-not-always-helpful Larry, works hard at a shady businessman’s home, but seeks love rather than money. Both of them wrestle with the hard bits of being adults and making the choices that determine who they will become.

This is a well-paced novel with some clever parts, but a bit shallow and somewhat predictable. Its strength lies mostly in its well-conceived protagonists. The sister and brother are endearing in different ways, and the reader will likely end up rooting for them to find the right path as they navigate the worlds of work they inhabit and the home they share.

It’s also refreshing to read a novel that involves legal issues that is, on the whole, accurate, as well as clearly explained in bite-sized chunks throughout. The only bothersome “legal” issue was the author’s choice to call the lawyer “Attorney Rioux” in lieu of “Mr. Rioux.” The usage may be extant somewhere, but it’s certainly not the norm.

The love stories within the novel could be fleshed out a bit and some of the loose ends tied up. It seemed as though there was no resolution for some of them, but not in an intentional way—more like an oops-I-forgot-I’d-put-that-in kind of way.

HOW TO EARN YOUR KEEP is a reasonably accurate legal tale with two likable protagonists, but  contains some loose ends that could have been tied up to make the story more satisfying.

Reviewed by Jodi McMaster for IndieReader