Cochabamba Conspiracy

By Brinn Colenda

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Book Reviews, eBooks, Fiction, Mystery/Thriller  •  Apr 02, 2013

Cochabama Conspiracy takes place in La Paz, Bolivia, where Lt. Col. Tom Callahan, Air Force flying ace, has been sent in order to undo some political and diplomatic damage done by his predecessor in the Military Group.

Negotiating the political backstabbing and personal infighting in the MILGROUP is hard enough, but then he stumbles upon the trail of a plot headed by Kurt Wallerein, feared ex-communist terrorist, working with Fidel Castro to do as much damage to America and American interests in South America as possible. Can he and his lovely, brilliant and talented wife Colleen, along with their friends and allies in America and Bolivia, unravel the plot before it’s too late? Can they track down the spies and traitors in the MILGROUP and elsewhere? And can they prevent a hideous biowarfare attack that threatens hundreds of thousands of lives in Baltimore, Bolivia, and elsewhere?

This is a lively and entertaining book, perfect for beach reading or to liven up a commute. The characters are well-drawn, thoroughly likeable or hissable depending on which side they’re on, and full of personality. The plot is energetic and vigorous, moving from action to action, full of danger and suspense on every side. The threat is real enough, and certainly scary enough to keep the reader turning pages until the end (and to give the thoughtful reader chills, when considering the ease of such an attack in real life and the damage it could do). The resolution is satisfying, but retains a frisson of danger (and the potential for sequels).

The villains can be a bit stereotyped, perhaps even a little flat, at times – this is, however, not atypical of the genre. There are also a few moments in the book tht feel a bit too coincidental, for example, one particular sudden and very convenient (to the plot) death, and the final resolution leaves a few questions unanswered.

However, this is a fine book for someone in the mood for a quick, well-written, action-filled read. If you enjoy spy thrillers, give it a try!

Reviewed by Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader