Bliss: A Marriage Proposal for Charles Stephen Hughes

By Philip D. Luing

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Book Reviews, eBooks, IR Approved, Poetry, Prose  •  Feb 05, 2013

BLISS is a collection of poetry and short prose–romantic, erotic, sensual and affectionate–from one man to another, the love of his life.

It is intended to tell the story of the relationship from beginning to marriage proposal (hopefully not the end!), pouring out the author’s heart onto the page in full and passionate force.

The emotions expressed are deep, obviously genuine, and so personal and intense that a reader almost turns aside at times, blushing, from what feels like an invasion of the lovers’ most sacred private moments. From the humorous “Attack of the Oil-Based Enamel Black Paint” to the intensely sensual “My Music Man” and the tender “Nap”, the poems resonate with anyone who’s ever been deeply in love, painting a picture that everyone who’s ever felt those feelings can appreciate and enjoy.

Some of the poems are more successful than others – occasionally, the poet struggles too hard in some works to explain the feelings that he has deftly illustrated in others, and the language can at times a bit forced. But most often, they ring with absolute sincerity and emotional force, and even in the least successful of the poems, the love shines through and warms the heart.

BLISS is a beautiful declaration of love from a fine poet, and deserves to be cherished by anyone who appreciates the emotion. A sympathetic reader cannot help but share in the happy glow of the couple, and to wish them a long and loving life together.

Reviewed by Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader