No Hope for Gomez!

By Graham Parke

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Book Reviews, Fiction, Humor  •  Jan 28, 2013


Gomez Porter inherits his antiques store from his parents. He knows little to nothing about antiques. To make ends meet, he willingly submits himself as a test subject in an experimental drug trial.

The drug trial is questionable at best as he’s not exactly sure of the details of the drug or its side effects. He discovers that another test subject dies under mysterious circumstances, and Gomez starts investigating the life of the test subject to see if his death is related to the drug trial. While doing so, he encounters many strange people along the way, including his coworker, who is a stickler for the rules, and a neighbor, who is a writer that is determined to torture him with his ramblings.

Among Gomez’s interactions, he finds he’s attracted to the female doctor he reports to for check-ups in the drug trial. Along with his attraction, he begins to experience other odd happenings, making him question what is real or simply a result from the side effects of the drug trial. Hilarity ensues, along with peculiar secondary characters, and the reader is left wondering if Gomez’s thoughts are real or conjured by side effects of the drug trial.

No Hope for Gomez! is written from Gomez’s point of view in the form of blog entries. This unique point of view allows the reader to get inside the mind of the main character. Throughout the book, the reader isn’t sure of what situations are real or fantasy, which keeps the reader alert during a thoroughly entertaining story.
Author Graham Parke clearly has an eccentric sense of humor and distinct writing style, which come through in No Hope for Gomez!,  a light, funny read with humor that strays from the norm.
Reviewed by Jovana Shirley for IndieReader