What’s Your Book?

By Brooke Warner

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Book Reviews, eBooks, How-To, IR Approved, Nonfiction, Self-Help  •  Dec 04, 2012

WHAT’S YOUR BOOK? is a concise and no-nonsense guide to managing the basics-from understanding your hurdles and completing your writing project to following through with publishing and marketing.

The book is broken down into five basic chapters: 1. The Art of Becoming an Author, 2. Anyone Can Do It, 3. Challenging Your Mindset, 4. The Almighty Author Platform, 5. Your Publishing Plan. Included in some chapters are exercises to reinforce the chapter content, such as understanding why you want to write, identifying your audience, or listing saboteur messages and the hurdles that need to be overcome in order to finish your book. Highlights of the main points are organized at the end of each chapter in a section called “Words of Advice”.

Author Brooke Warner, who boasts thirteen years in the publishing field, takes away the mystique of how to finish your book or what to do with your book once it’s done but showing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Warner’s writing is clear and straightforward, breaking down each chapter into easy to manage portions that examine and explain the mindset behind the art of procrastination or the differences in author platforms, to the nitty-gritty details of choosing an editor versus an agent. Each sub section is broken down into clear steps that assist in focusing the writing process for writers in various stages of their book through to developing an author platform and choosing a course of action for publishing. The numerous strategies encompass a multitude of projects, thereby making this book a resource for writers of various genres who want to pursue traditional or self-publishing options.

The author’s tone is positive, though she does not coddle the reader, but rather encourages a proactive, can-do attitude and by showing writers just how accessible the publishing world is to them, motivating them to “step up and claim [their] piece.”

WHAT’S YOUR BOOK? is a succinct and informative resource for writers who want to take control of their writing process and project and see it through to fruition.

Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader