Lost in the ’90s

By Frank Anthony Polito

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Book Reviews, eBooks, Fiction, IR Approved, Young Adult  •  Nov 30, 2012

High School Senior Kurt Peregrin begins his night singing with his band at the Hazel Park High School’s 2012 Spring Fling dance; but after a dive off stage he ends up at HPHS spring dance of 1994.

All of a sudden he is in the company of Dave Peregrin and Michelle Darling – his parents. If that’s not awkward enough, he has to make sure the two of them stay together because his mother is pregnant and doesn’t want to tell his father. To make matters worse, Kurt has to get back to his own time because just before he went on stage, his ex-girlfriend Chelsea revealed that she is pregnant with Kurt’s baby.  It’s a mélange of modern day coolness and 90’s culture as Kurt finds himself reliving history in more ways than one.

The plot is reminiscent of the 1980s movie Back to the Future, featuring a journey to the past, some awkward and comedic moments with parents and the wisdom gained when looking at things in retrospect, although in this case, the retrospection takes place in the past.

The story is revealed from the perspective of Kurt, his father and his mother. Each perspective contributes to the development of the well-rounded characters, highlighting how ironies in life shape the individual.  Kurt’s ability to witness how his parents deal with their life choices, the sacrifices they make, give him the courage and insight into appreciating his relationship with his parents but also in dealing with his responsibilities.

LOST IN THE ‘90s, effectively highlights the cultural icons, issues and values of the ‘90s and reveals its connections and contrasts with present day teenager/young adult issues and themes such as unwed mothers, drugs and peer pressure. Author Frank Anthony Polito’s writing is smooth and accurately captures the jargon and social consciousness of the ‘90s in addition to modern day techno-speak, with its SMS language acronyms.

LOST IN THE ‘90s is a humorous and touching coming-of-age novel filled with modern day and past pop culture that may appeal, not only to teens and young adults, but also their parents.

Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader