The Pursuit of Cool

By Robb Skidmore

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Book Reviews, eBooks, Fiction, IR Approved, Literary Fiction, Popular Fiction  •  Sep 07, 2012

Lance Rally is the type of guy who does not know how to fit in with any particular group. So as a freshman when he stumbles and fumbles into one of Langford College’s most popular crews, he is quite surprised.  It is Lance’s newbie status and awkwardness that seem to draw the cool kids to him.  Before long Lance is partying, missing classes, drinking and getting high off of a buffet of drugs.  It’s a world of sin and fun, ’80s style, that he never could have envisioned before leaving the home of his pristine and high- expectation parents.

Once Lance falls in love with Lynn—to whom he loses his virginity—he seems to literally lose his mind as well. While his pal Ian, a self-proclaimed womanizer, takes pleasure in challenging Lance’s intellect, his buddy Charles, who suffers from a myriad of social anxieties, insists on shoving drugs at him.  Poor Lance is on a fast moving train without brakes.  As Lance watches others reach the academic heights to which he had aspired, his girlfriend dumps him and he is too paralyzed to even make a change.  Through it all, Lance continues to struggle with the scholastic promises he made to himself, his parents and even his ex-girlfriend.  But he just can’t seem to shake off the reprimands and demands of his family and friends.

The Pursuit of Cool is loaded with gut-busting funny scenarios that are reminiscent of college life and the winding road of mistakes young adults make in order to be perceived as cool.  As painful as Lance’s experiences with school, women, alcohol and drugs prove to be, he is coming into his own with each knock on the head.  When Lance figures out what his purpose in life will be outside of the walls of Langford College, it is with gratitude for all that he has been through.

Reviewed by Ivy Pittman for IndieReader