Dec 08, 2016
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IR Book Review

The Eden Prescription

By Ethan Evers

IR Rating



IR Rating

IR Verdict: The Eden Prescription is an elaborate and engrossing novel that will have you wondering about the “truth” behind science and medicine.

Book Reviews, eBooks, Fiction, IR Approved, Mystery/Thriller  •  Jul 12, 2012

The Eden Prescription is a tight and complex mystery thriller about the battle behind the race to find a cure for cancer.  The conflict is, ostensibly, between two competing major biotech companies, Mitogenica and Chromogen, each of which is developing its own cure for cancer. However, Dr. Elliott Lindell, who works for Mitogenica has joined forces with Annika Guthrie, who works for Chromogen, and they have developed a cocktail of natural supplements.  If it is released, this successful cancer killing cocktail will not destroy cancer cells, but also the two major companies and the intricate structure of players that support them.  That is, if Dr. Lindell and Annika aren’t destroyed first.

Ethan Evers writes a masterful story, with a constantly evolving plot that goes deeper and deeper into the conspiracies that lie behind the pharmaceutical companies and an impressive hierarchy of players that is revealed as the story progresses. Evers’ characters are slowly dissected with precision and skill, to unmask their inner most thoughts, feelings and motives that drive them in the pursuit of their goals.

The story is fast paced because of the cuts to and from various characters in different locations, flashbacks and then cuts to present time and high impact action scenes, all of which can be confusing at times, but for the most part effectively creates the sense of urgency in the plot and creates a real rush for the reader.

Evers, who has a PhD in Applied Science and received his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, also presents an impressive bibliography of resources that he drew upon to research of this compelling piece of frighteningly credible fiction.

The Eden Prescription is an elaborate and engrossing novel that will have you wondering about the “truth” behind science and medicine.


Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader

IR received this book free from the author who paid for the review. The remuneration in no way affected IR’s feedback on the work.

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