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Donuts, Celebs, and a Time When Punk and Glam Were Twins

What do giant donuts, celebs in Rotterdam, and Aqua Net hairspray have in common? They’re all featured in self-published photo books made using Blurb’s publishing platform and each book portrays its quixotic and captivating subject matter with great design and stellar imagery.

Weird and Wonderful in L.A.

First stop on the review circuit – Los Angeles, site of weird and wonderful attractions that Erick Laubach, author of Crash L.A. insists that you should “check out before you check out.”




From the film locations for Pee Wee Herman’s house, Batman’s original bat cave, and E.T’s flying bicycle scene to dubious retail sculpture (such as giant donuts and cement dinosaurs) to street art by Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Dabs Myla, the book chronicles all the seriously strange and strangely wonderful sights the curious traveler would care to see.

The book is available in three flavors: a 95-site version, a 100-site version, and a massive and seriously coffee table-worthy 275-site version. It will also be available soon as a phone app.



The Art of the Ten-Minute Portrait

Next up, “Portraits,” a beautiful book of portraits taken by Dutch photographer Rogier Maaskant during the 2012 International Film Festival in Rotterdam. And while Maaskant clearly had some great material to work with, he also has an eye for uncomplicated, elegant portraits that capture the essence of a person.

Even more impressive, each of the portraits was taken within a ten-minute period on a rooftop terrace. No big prep work. No fancy sets. Just stunning portraiture beautifully presented in simple layouts. You can buy the book here and see his whole portfolio of Rotterdam portraits on his site.







Glam Rock Meets Punk Meets Too Much Hairspray

And finally, back to Los Angeles to a time when punk and glam were twins. You’ll find it documented in all its excessive glory in “Cramp, Slash, and Burn,” a book of photographs taken during the 80s by John Scarpati, house photographer for West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.


The book is an eye-candy time capsule that celebrates when Aqua Net was the hair product of choice, fishnet was worn ripped, eyeliner was an equal-opportunity accessory, and vinyl (as in record albums) ruled.  You can flip through a digital preview and purchase the book in Blurb’s online bookstore.







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