Blow Me

by Lennie Ross

Verdict: Whether drying each other’s tears or of course, hair, Blow Me is a fun, frisky trip down Rodeo Drive that shouldn’t be missed.

IR Rating



IR Rating

Three single women in Los Angeles are looking for the perfect man; a man who can give them everything that is. Skylar, Dawn and Chloe want it all: fine dining, shopping trips galore, the best cars, amazing sex, even children; and they will go to great lengths to get all that they desire.All in their “late thirties” each woman has a chosen a unique path, and at times they seem to have nothing else in common, but somehow they remain friends despite all of their ups and downs.

These ups and downs include: Skylar losing her job to two younger, hotter versions of herself, accidentally burning down her apartment and then living in her brand new Mercedes. Chloe’s jealousy, hot temper and continual willingness to be “falling in love” aka “Found another rich one!” while she works as an actress who never acts/realtor who never sells anything. Dawn ironically works at a matchmaking agency and her overbearing mother tries to rule her love life. Dawn decides to harvest her eggs so she can have children whether or not Mr. Right keeps his title or becomes just Mr. Right Now.

Skye finds herself by traveling the world, develops the passion she was missing, and finally learns to put her talents to good use. Dawn finds what she is looking for and readers will be turning pages madly to see whether she loses him painfully or ends up happily ever after. Chloe is the friend we all have and don’t quite know what to do with. But as we learn by Chloe’s bizarre example, karma seems to sort those situations out in the end.

Ross keeps readers hooked to see what kind of misadventure (or delightful surprise) may be around the corner for these three fascinating characters. Whether drying each other’s tears or of course, hair, Blow Me is a fun, frisky trip down Rodeo Drive that shouldn’t be missed. I laughed, got misty eyed, had a mani-pedi and laughed some more. If you like Chick Lit, you will love these chicks!

Reviewed by Keri English for IndieReader

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    Allison Lurkner says:

    As an independent female with the typical onslaught of advertisements coming my way… This book was recommended from a friend and made it into my hands. The characters had me laughing at myself and their adventures gave me some key insight into my own life. Just as my friend did to ME, I highly recommend this book. Get it GIRLS!

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    Shelina V says:

    Heard about this book through some friends in AZ. Apparently Lennie is in Phoenix a lot. Bought a copy and half way through. Totally fun. Hope to meet her at a book signing one day. This book is great. I’m gonna buy copies for all my girlfriends.


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