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Ebook Cover Design Award Winners

Every month, Joel Friedlander, aka The Book Designer, invites authors to submit their books for his “Ebook Cover Design Award“.  The complete list can be found at Mr. Friedlander’s site.

And the winners are….


Ou Tao submitted EneME designed by Pere Ibañez.

JF: This is for a book of photographs by Pere Ibañez in a square format, accurately portrayed by the shape of the cover. A very effective and startling use of one of the artist’s surreal images to produce a cover that would stop most browsers. Combined with custom lettering that emphasizes the unique title of the book, the entire cover becomes an expression of the artist’s work, and a clear winner.


Andy Fielding submitted blackbird has spoken by kate wickers designed by Andy Fielding. “When Phoebe’s husband announces that he would like them to start a family she isn’t at all sure that she feels the same. This is a bitter sweet comedy drama of complex relationships, life-changing encounters and the realization that being a mother doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to every woman.”

JF: Fielding, the winner of our first eBook Cover Design Award, strikes again. His ability to imply layers of meaning with simple elements really sets his covers apart. Against the backdrop of photographic ebook covers, part of the appeal is the vitality of a hand-wrought design.


Other covers to check out this month: As usual, there was a lot to like, and a lot to learn, from this month’s covers. To see some other strong contenders that really show their books well, check out Death of a Serpent designed by Derek Murphy, Fu Man Chu’s Vampire designed by Thu-Lieu Pham, The Godling designed by Christina Elmore, The Grip designed by Kit Foster, and The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny designed by John Skewes.

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