Typos: No Longer Just an Indie Problem

Virginia Heffernan recently wrote a piece in the Opinionator (Exclusive Online Commentary from the Times) called The Price of Typos. In it, Heffernan seeks to define the meaning of the typo (as if there were some deeper meaning to be found) and the reasons, which I believe pretty much boil down to both a lack of caring and the high price of hiring a good editor.

What Heffernan doesn’t mention is that one of the most cited reasons for not reading an indie book is usually a combination of poor editing and typos.  If you’re a regular IR reader, you’ve probably seen our “Trad Pubbed Book F**k-Up” feature, where we post typos found in traditionally published books, just to prove that indies are not the only writers prone to errors.

Whether a book is an indie or traditionally pubbed, I find spelling errors to be both jarring and inexcusable. It speaks of sloppiness. I think that traditionally pubbed authors have the expectation that their books will be edited properly by their publishers. And I think indie authors owe it to their readers to hire someone to insure the same.

What do you think?