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Nov 28, 2014
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Percy: The Perfectly Imperfect Chicken

By Rick Rieser, Illustrated by Daniel Seward

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IR Verdict:

Book Reviews, Fiction, Kids  •  Feb 04, 2011

The artwork in the book is fantastic.  All the chickens are expressive and, though everything takes place in the one yard, the perspective on the yard and chickens varies in each scene. 

The very end–the last lines about “perfection not existing”–are great.  It’s how the story gets from Percy being imperfect, and a rooster, to the ultimate conclusion that is lacking.

Towards the end of the book the rhyme scheme starts to slip a little bit.  There is no mention that Percy has turned into a rooster instead of a hen and he’s also rather mean to the hens about their flaws.  All in all there is something about the tone at the end of the book that is not entirely kid-friendly.

Reviewed by Alexa Hamilton