Nov 27, 2014
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A Secret of the Universe

By Stephen L. Gibson

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Book Reviews, eBooks, Fiction, Inspirational, Literary Fiction  •  Feb 21, 2011

In delving into the depths of human nature and rationality as few have before, A Secret of the Universe provides a new take on the battle between faith and skepticism for the post-9/11 world.

It tells a story of two childhood friends, who, in the wake of sudden tragedy, come to develop radically different world views. One young man finds biblical teachings to have even greater resonance in the modern world. The other furiously chips away at modern religion to see if anything of substance lies beneath all the dogma. The two continue to ratchet up the intensity of the conflict, joining rival groups with strong agendas.  The book climaxes when one friend goes public with earth-shaking “proof” that rocks Christianity to its very foundations and sets off a chain reaction of religious-debate warfare.

Interweaved throughout the fascinating fictional story are elements of nonfiction in the form of cutting-edge scholarship on Christianity that is enlightening and essential for all truth-seekers on either side of the divide.

Author Stephen L. Gibson is a kind of “guru” for skeptics, pushing people to look at both sides of every issue and forsake emotion-driven thinking for its opposite. His rational voice is the perfect antidote to the shrillness of a world dominated by hysterical AM-radio and cable personalities, a world where issues are so complex that it is easy for advocates on any side to cherry-pick facts to provide support for whatever they want to believe.

It’s Gibson’s mission to get people to delve deeper and find the truth… or at least recognize when there is none.

Reviewed by Cindy Erdesohn