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Amazon and Simon & Schuster Ink Deal + 75% of All Books Self-Published? + More in this Week’s Roundup

This week’s big news is Amazon and Simon & Schuster reached a new multi-year agreement for sale of both print and digital books in the United States. En garde, Hachette.


Black Moon Draw

Lizzy Ford

Rating:  star star star star star 


A Star Called Lucky

Bapsy Jain

Rating:  star star star star star 

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News  |    |  October 21, 2014

Amazon Closes Multi-Year Deal With Simon & Schuster

So what’s Hachette’s Problem?

IR Book Review

Witch’s Dark by Ken Davis

Rating:  star star star star star 

All is not well in Colonial Massachusetts in 1736.The witches of Salem have become restive, demons prowl the colony and the Rattlesnake Society is challenging the iron fist of the Crown. In order to protect Boston from the spells cast by the witches, Gov. Whitelocke has employed Dr. Ephraim Rush as the colonial Doctor of Magical Sciences.

kindle unlimited 1
News  |    |  October 20, 2014

Kindle Unlimited Pays $5 Mil for September 2014

What it Means Today, Where It’s Heading Tomorrow

IR Book Review

Armchair Safari by Jonathan Paul Isaacs

Rating:  star star star star star 

Meet Derek Callahan, a conflicted man in life, his job, his relationships and his past. He’s just started a new job at Netertainment, one of the fastest-growing gaming companies in the world featuring its prized product, Armchair Safari.

indie voice
Indie Voice  |    |  October 17, 2014

Amazon’s New Kindle Scout

Amazon goes Brick & Mortar, Adobe’s Got Its Eye On You + more in this week’s roundup.

IR Book Review

Wanderlush by David Robert

Rating:  star star star star star 

A hypochondriac, thinking he is near death, promises to take his wild, drunken mother on four vacations around the world.

the magician's
Alike But Indie  |    |  October 15, 2014

If You Liked THE MAGICIAN’S LAND, You’ll Love…

7 Indie Titles to Help You Get Your Fantasy Groove On

IR Book Review

Blood Line by John J. Davis

Rating:  star star star star star 

A family’s secret history threatens to destroy their bucolic small-town existence in BLOOD LINE, a fast-paced nearly perfect thriller from John J. Davis and the first book in a new series.

bowker small
News  |    |  October 8, 2014

Self-Published Books Topped 450,000 in 2013

The report, Beat Barblan, Bowker director of identifier services, shows a self-published market that is maturing into a serious business. Damn straight!

IR Book Review

A Specter’s Journey by Ekin Odabas

Rating:  star star star star star 

A SPECTER’S JOURNEY opens with Jackie Clarke caught in a perilous gunfight trying to save his wife from her kidnappers. He endeavors into a sinister scheme, but his objective remains the same: save Melody. However, his mission is far from simple.

big little
Alike But Indie  |    |  October 8, 2014

If You Liked “Big Little Lies” You’ll LOVE…

7 indie stunners with twisty plots, curvy story lines and plenty of scandal. Take a look here for your next great read if you enjoyed Big Little Lies

IR Book Review

Adzul: The Heirs of the Medallion by David Sage

Rating:  star star star star star 

ADZUL: THE HEIRS OF THE MEDALLION begins some five centuries ago when the Conquistadores destroyed the village of Pattiti in the Peruvian Andes. Adzul, the only survivor, was a young Incan warrior who inherited a strange medallion from his grandfather.