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Dec 18, 2014
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eBook Piracy: Can You Say “Yo Ho Ho?”

Kindle Direct Publishing gives writers the option to apply DRM – or not – when they upload a book. Smashwords doesn’t support DRM at all.

HB Front Cover #1v12

The Saeshell Book of Time

Rusty Biesele

Rating:  star star star star star 


Passing Through Perfect

Bette Lee Crosby

Rating:  star star star star star 



Richard Bard

Rating:  star star star star star 

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First Edition: Indie Style  |    |  December 16, 2014

Gail McHugh’s Steamy Romances “Collide” and “Pulse”

Since many 1st editions fetch big sums at auction, IR takes a closer look at originally self-pubbed titles with traditionally published make-overs

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IR Book Review  |  December 10, 2014

The Reality Master by PM Pillon

Rating:  star star star star star 

Ten-year-old Joey Blake can’t wait to go camping again with his grandpa Karl in nearby Big Sur, California. But while hiking in the area, a gleaming light leads to the discovery of a strange stone with the power to change reality.

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publishing service
News  |    |  December 15, 2014

Why E-Books Shouldn’t Be the Only Game in Town

“These three services [CreateSpace, Ingram Spark and KDP] prove that authors know that marketing their books purely online is foolhardy, and it is critically important to get their titles into bookstores.”

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IR Book Review  |  December 10, 2014

Sector 64: Ambush by Dean M. Cole

Rating:  star star star star star 

In the pre-dawn hours over the Mojave Desert, 2 F-22 fighters take off from Nellis AFB and climb into the darkness headed for the Nevada Testing Range. The fighters are on a routine training mission but as they approach Area 51, they are intercepted by a large and unrecognizable craft

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The Twelve Days of Indie Christmas  |    |  December 15, 2014

The Twelve Days of Indie Christmas

You know the carol. And unless you’ve holed up at home and put a pillow over your head, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times this holiday season – all twelve verses.

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IR Book Review  |  December 8, 2014

Everlast by Richard Bard

Rating:  star star star star star 

A man who once saved the world from alien technology must now save his family from a vengeful maniac and the machinations of a greedy businessman.

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indie voice
Indie Voice  |    |  December 12, 2014

IR’s Best Books of 2014

Are launch parties worth it, J.K. Rowling goes indie for the holidays, 25 gifts for under $25 + more in this week’s round-up.

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IR Book Review  |  December 8, 2014

Henry First: A Story of Excess by Basil Lawrence

Rating:  star star star star star 

How far would you be willing to go for fame, success, and immortality? Would you die for it? Kill for it? More importantly, what would you cook for it?

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best of 2014
Best of 2014  |    |  December 11, 2014

IndieReader’s Best Books of 2014

Because how many times can you see the same ten titles?

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IR Book Review  |  December 8, 2014

Saint Wally by Courtney Taylor

Rating:  star star star star star 

After a man commits suicide, he teams up with a cast of familiar characters to save God and all of Creation.

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books 30s
Lists  |    |  December 10, 2014

7 Books You Must Read in Your 30s

If you’re looking for something to challenge, inspire and move you in your 30s, we’ve got a few good recommendations:

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IR Book Review  |  December 3, 2014

The Conversation by Jeff Cannon

Rating:  star star star star star 

The author recounts a spiritual experience in the form of a dream conversation with a mysterious being.

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